The Arkindex CLI allows you to perform various advanced actions on an Arkindex instance. It can both be used interactively or for scripting.


You can install this tool using pip: pip install arkindex-cli

To get general help about the CLI from the command line, use arkindex -h. To get specific help for a subcommand, use arkindex <subcommand> -h.

Docker image

You can also use a Docker image to run the tool, instead of installing it through pip. This may be useful for Mac owners (or other architectures, or when Python is not available on your computer).

The Docker image is available as for the most up-to-date version. You can also specify a release instead of latest.

You'll need to expose your local configuration in order to persist the login information:

docker run -it -v $HOME/.config/arkindex:/root/.config/arkindex

To ease your usage, you should setup an alias in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile like so:

alias arkindex="docker run --rm -it -v $HOME/.config/arkindex:/root/.config/arkindex"

By using this alias, you can run the same commands as described above: arkindex login for example.