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Classes management

The classes command generates a CSV file listing all the available ML classes in a given corpus.

arkindex classes $CORPUS_ID

You can specify a path for the CSV file to be created using the --output argument; if unspecified, the command will create a classes.csv file in the current wordking directory.

arkindex classes $CORPUS_ID --output $PATH/TO/filename.csv

The output CSV had two columns: class_id and class_name.

b2d7760d-f6ef-41b1-87a2-634688707bea,Ab appetitu glorie inanis  | BU Ab Petition 161 |  | Versicle | h1546
c81ae72d-7440-48ad-b7bf-fd2d60595092,Ab appetitu inanis gloria | BU Ab Petition 18 |  | Versicle | h1547
374e65ef-0615-40e4-bdfd-78662016c7f3,Ab eterna dampnatione | BU Ab Petition 80 |  | Versicle | h1550
9a6f132b-b64a-4043-b9db-1c40c1038c2a,Ab hoste maligno eripiat nos Dei genitrix virgo | Huot 3 a |  | Benediction | h10
23af22c4-ca0f-468a-b21a-59c99a87381f,Ab immentibus peccatorum nostrorum  | BU Ab Petition 104 |  | Versicle | h1556